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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

If you have seen the dateline show about child predators could you please answer one simple question for me. I find it very distasteful that people are fantasizing and going through with being with such young people. It is my opinion that this is carried forth by the continuing obsession that Hollywood has with the thinner and younger bodies.

What ever happened to wanting real Adult women? Am I the only one who does not get this?

Friday, May 26, 2006

When was the last time you said something such as, "I wish they would invent something to..." or "Somebody really should..." or "Why don't they make something that..."? If you are like most people, you probably say these words on a regular basis. Who are "they"? Who is "somebody"? Why can't the "they" and "somebody" be you?

One of the most common reasons people do not act on ideas is that they think somebody must have already thought of it. The chances are, somebody, even many others, have thought about it, but nobody has acted on it. Every fortune, large or small, started with an idea. Some of these ideas at one time were thought to be far fetched, silly, stupid, crazy, and even impossible. It was the inventor who had enough belief and determination to see the idea through into its physical equivalent.

Here are some more reasons people generally don't act on ideas.

They don't think they are inventors. Just because you are not a plumber, doesn't mean you can't unclog your own toilet with a plunger. It does not take an electrician to change a light bulb, nor does it take an inventor to come up with and act on a good idea.
They don't believe in their ideas enough. Many people make the mistake of asking other people what they think of an idea and choosing to act or not based on others' opinions. I believe it was Edison who was known for asking for others' opinions on his ideas, and if they all unanimously thought it was a BAD idea, he would act on it. Ask yourself, what is your "gut" feeling on this idea?
They don't know how to follow through. Many people simply don't know what to do next after having an idea. The key is to educate yourself and align yourself with the right people who can help you see your idea through. With the advent of the Internet, this is easier than ever before in history.
They fear criticism and ridicule. What do you think Gary Dahl's family and friends thought of him when he enthusiastically explained to them that he was going to market a "pet rock" for $3.95? I can just imagine how his parents felt when trying to explain what their son was up to these days, "Oh, our Gary is working on selling rocks as pets". And of course there is the more common example of Columbus' idea of the world being round. This was the classic case of public criticism and ridicule. Those who ridicule new ideas are closed-minded, and criticism from them should not be accepted.
Here is my five-step idea process that I like to follow. Feel free to adopt mine or create your own. The goal of this process is to make sure we act on our ideas worthy of action.

Record it. The moment an idea pops in your head, write it down or record it.
Add it to your list. Have a page in your success journal or a list somewhere where you transfer, write down and collect all of your ideas and review this list often. Your idea may not be strong enough to act on now, but it may be later.
Carefully think through the idea and the possibilities. Do not let "reasoning" talk you out of taking action on an idea. Most ideas probably are not worth pursuing, but do not get in the habit of letting all ideas go.
Always be acting on at least one idea. Pick your best idea at the time and act on it. Do the research. Make acting on the idea one of your goals and follow the proper goal setting steps.
Know when to move on. There is a fine line between giving up and moving on. Never give up on good ideas but know when to move on to better ideas.
It only takes one good idea to lead you to wealth. If you have 100 ideas a year and act on 10 of them and one results in wealth, you will have made it. It is not lack of knowledge or talent that keeps most people from wealth, it is lack of persistence. You are just as capable of bringing a great idea to this world as Edison, Ford, and Gates. Act on your ideas, and wealth will eventually find its way to you.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Too Much Information and not enough good communication.

Today it seems like I am in a constant state of information overload. We have too many things being created all of the time, and it is not possible to keep up with it all. Yet, when I look at the information that is coming my way, I am surprised how little of it really has a relevant message. This is a very important thing for speakers to remember. It is rare that we do not have enough information. It is rare that we do not have thousands of sources to support our claims. It is also rare that our speech is clear, concise and to the point. Endeavor to use illustrations to drive your point home. But, avoid speeches that provide little but anecdotes and memoirs. Have a reason to speak and help us to understand.
Ray Bradbury had it right. All we are fed by the media is factoids, not true information. As he said they tell us what date someone was born, but not why it should matter. We are not given the meat of the situation. All we hear is the goo that they want us to hear.
We no longer need to burn books in America. No one reads them, so what is the point.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May Patch Day

May 2006 Patch Day Nightmares.
Flash Update from Microsoft is terrible. On 9 out of 10 machines it does not install. Install Flash Player 8 instead. The problem goes away and you have a better flash player.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Conan the Buffoon

I usually get a kick out of Conan O'Brien's show. However, today he went to Finland. I believe he was rather rude and obnoxious to the people of that fine country, especially to the President. I don't know where he got off thinking that this would be funny. I guess he can do anything he wants really , but I am not sure I will be joining him any time soon. My wife had a much different take on the show and thought it was hilarious, especially when he was driving through the country side looking for wild life. Having lived in Wyoming and Minnesota all of my life, I believe he could have saved the network the 203k that he claimed to have spent on the trip, simply by going to northern minnesota. he would have found similar culture and similar wildlife and language barriers. Just joking. Keep up the bad work Conan.


Monday, April 24, 2006

Click Fraud... Just another stupid idea that means nothing.

Ok, I am not a marketing guru by any means, but would someone please explain to me what the difference between click fraud and marketing as ususal is? I mean The Yellow pages takes my money and I get nothing in return. I buy a large print add. I do not pay by the clicks, but by what they tell me is the demographics and the size of the reader/user ship. Then they print out several thousand books that never get delivered. I pay for those as well. Then even though money was spent in the development of an ad that should work. I recieve only 1 call a month. So now I as a consumer of Yellow pages ads am upset. Their book doesn't provide me with the call through rates I want. I claim it doesn't work... and I claim that the Yellow Pages, Yellow Book, Dex etc. fraudulently took my money. Yeah right. Or we take a radio/tv ad and break it down that we pay for so many impressions and yet we get no return of investment, let alone on investment. Does that mean that no one actually got the message, or could it simply be that after clicking on your add in adsense what you said was on the other side simply was not what a consumer was looking for. Either the timing wasn't right or what have you. I am not saying that there is not fraud, I am simply pointing out that fraud in the marketing arena is par for the course and should merely be factored into your overall plan for acquisition of a customer, and the complaining and suing of companies who are legitimately creating arena's for your message to be heard.
Stop frivolously taking 90 million dollars from companies who you feel did you wrong. It is not google's fault, it is not any ad agencies fault that people are out there trying to get as much as they can from programs that are provided.
If you really want to stop click fraud, change to buy through type advertising. I am sure you will find it to be much easier to get people to buy from your website.

How to turn on your female computer.

Your computer is never comfortable performing for you without a good
support system. The computer must have excellent relationships, feel
completely connected to her higher power, and have various friends and
companions. One sad relationship can cause your computer to give you the
cold shoulder and keep her from turning on. A computer who has all of
her needs met will have the most success becoming turned on.
Let's assume that your computer's Psyche is intact, she is not suffering
from Alzheimer's disease, has not contracted any arterial weaknesses,
and that she has no other ailments which will cause her to display
erratic nor distressed behavior.
First one must insure that the life line connecting the computer to its
higher power completely penetrates both wall and computer deeply. Then
one must verify the remaining life lines assuring each is correctly
thrust into its proper hole.
Once you have confirmed your computer is well connected and maintains
the necessary relationships, you will notice a little button in the
front and you may notice a flipper on its rear. Turning on your computer
requires dexterity, stamina, and a wicked finger. If one has correctly
positioned the flipper and diddles with the button long enough and with
enough pressure, it will cause sparks to fly in her digital brain.
Sparks in your computers brain makes her very happy and causes her to
purr. This purr is usually followed by heavy breathing from at least one
end of the computer. As the computer becomes happier, its breath becomes
warmer. I digress.
It is at this point one must assure a complete connection and flow of
honest and open communication to all of your computers companions. Many
of these also has either a flipper or a button that must be positioned
properly in order for communication to occur.
Within seconds of all of your computers needs being met you will notice
that your computer is on. It is at that moment you realize your computer
is turned on.

The Television Destroys...Life

I have for years worried about what television does to people. I have a concern that the T.V. is reducing our ability to interact with the real world. Too many people get sucked into the television and reduce their overall life to becoming obese. I worry about my own use of the computer in the same way. Our grandparents did not spent so much time just sitting in one place for hours.
It is very interesting how the television's quality of intertainment has dropped so considerably that the Muslims throw out TV.

I agree with the gentleman who states quite plainly that Television Reduces usefulness of life
So maybe just maybe it is Time to turn off the tube?

The Type Z guide to success.

Steve Pavlina Interview Marc Allen, wow what a treat... The only thing I see wrong with it is that it is an oversimplified world view. Sure, we all would love to believe that it is as simple as Marc Allen and the others try to make it sound. But, the fact is they are in the business of making us buy their books, tapes and other materials. Thanks for the Article Steve. But, the new book of ZZZs will not be on my recommended list.

Rising Gas Prices, Public Transportation is Key.

So what are you going to do to reduce your consumption? How are you going to make sure that the new pricies in gasoline do not cause you to go insolvent?
There was transportation before the automobile and there will be after it is gone. The world would be a much cleaner place if the mobility was decreased. If you used your bicycle to go to your place of work, or walked to the grocery. If the public transportation in the U.S. was adequate it would be an option.
In my location travel by bus or other public transporation is prohibitive. The nearest bus line to my house is one block and runs twice a day. The next nearest is 3 miles. It also only runs evening and morning, and is not overly helpful to get to places that are just south. For me to go 10 miles south using the local bus service requires that I go a total of 60 miles on the bus. It is also necessary for me to leave in the morning to get there by 6pm. Welcome to the state of public transporation in Minneapolis. In fact, I have gone to to look up trips more than you can imagine, and the answer I always get is that the trip is not possible.
MTC Restructuring Upper Northwest this project looks promising, but will not be implemented until 2007.
Ride Share...
Metro Commuter Services
Craigs List Minneapolis
Car Pool World

Twin Cities Bicycling Club
Although Minneapolis has a bicycle freeway that runs about 9 miles, one cannot use a motorized bicycle (moped) on that or any other bicycle trail. And legally no bicycle can be used on the highways moped or fully pedalled bike. There is a great deal of support for bicycling in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In fact, Minneapolis was thrid for bicycling in the nation. This map will give you a good idea of the terrain in the Hennepin County, it is the plans as of 2003. To get the current maps look at the maps on this page.
Currently my wife works 22 miles from our home, 28 miles via bicycle trails. Following the bicycle Maps it will take her over an hour each day to get to work. Interestingly enough, if it were not that she would be travelling at night, I might actually recommend that she make the commitment to do this, she would get to work in about the same amount of time as it currently takes to drive her morning commute.
I frequently go between 60 and 100 miles to work. I work througout the Twin Cities on customer sites. I have not found a decent alternative to driving.

Work at home...
It seems like everywhere you look on the internet you are barraded by offers to work at home. However, FTC warnings about fraud abound.
Even those of us who own homebased businesses still need to visit our clients on site. This is especially true in the technology sector. I find that I can do a lot of work for people from my home, but that it requires onsite time in order to support hardware, and people's egos.
Of course, if one is making a ton of money none of this really matters, unles one believes as I do that we should work toward a more sustainable society.

Personal Rapid Transit...
Is it a pipe dream? The costs of building a Personal Rapid transit that carries 2-4 people is much cheaper than the costs of building Light Rail Transit. It also provides for much more frequent transports. One of the items I complain about most in the current Twin Cities Transits.


Rising Gas Prices.

Welcome to what may be the end of the automobile, NOT. There has been a false cieling to the top of gas prices in the United States for many years. The gas prices are going to continue to rise for a while. I do not like the situation, but it is one thing that we all have to live with. Mark Cuban has written a good article that approaches the gas price issue from the angle of stock trading being the culprit in the overall scheme of why gas prices are so high. I think he has a very strong point, but I do not think it is the only pont. Yes indeed speculation in the commodities markets affect pricing of just about everything in the U.S. But it is not the only factor.
I think that supply and demand and the belief of companies that they have us over a barrel is the primary reason that we will continue to see rising prices. The oil companies in the US are makeing a very high profit, and wish to make sure that profit is increased as expiditiously as possible.
Am I missing something?

Friday, April 21, 2006

My Space causing parents worry. is a very cool tool for you to post and get involved. A MySpace profile is almost as powerful as a blog because you can create a community who knows and cares what you are thinking about. The problem with MySpace is that your child can post anything and everything.

I have been pretty excited about MySpace for a while. One afternoon, I was at a friend of mine's home and was showing him my profile. He decided to search for anyone in his family that he might know who was using MySpace. I suggested he search first for his last name. We were completely surprised to see that the second picture staring back at him was his 12 year old daughter. She had posted many pictures of herself. She had also posted her school information, address and phone number. She was recognizable, easily located, and reachable. Jeff was frightened and amazed.
MySpace Terms page states that to have a profile one must be at least 14 years old. this page also has a large recommendation of items not to post.

My preferred way of searching for your child's MySpace profile is as follows:
1. Ask your child to show you their my space account
2 Ask your child for all of their email and blog accounts.
Most children will give them to you if they have them. However, if your child acts somewhat secretive about the whole thing get them to at least give you their email addresses. If they are using computers everyday they probably do not have just one.
Next goto and click the toggle button search MySpace, but leave it blank. You will get the MySpace search page. In the find friend dialog put in their email address one at a time and click the search button.

If you want to find where else they have been posting you can try googling their email addresses. Probably the fastest way to do this is to put OR OR
into the google search bar and Click search. If nothing comes up in the web search, switch the view to the groups search. One of the email addresses that I use for work I use only for posting to newsgroups to get information and to help others. I tried googling myself and came up with no web hits, but about 2000 hits in the newsgroups.
Currently, there is no centralized location that has all of the information about where your child might be on the internet, except your child.
Keeping your child safe on the internet requires just a couple of common sense rules.
1. Educate yourself on how to do things on the web. Get your children to teach you! Sure you know how to use a computer, but not the way they do. Tell them you want to start a blog and get them to help. Tell them you are interested in creating a MySpace account and don't know how to do it.
2. Remove the internet connections from your children's bedrooms. Keep the internet public.
3. Be involved in what your children do. Be interested.
4. Teach your children information not to post online.
Avoid posting any personally identifiable information (such as social security number, credit card number, name, address, telephone number, driver's license number, birth date, passwords, etc.) online. This information can easily be used for illegal or harmful purposes.

Children should not post images of themselves, school records, or any other identifying information because it could be used in a harmful manner.

5. Check your children's activity on the computer.
6. Instruct your child to never meet someone offline and if they insist that they want to meet someone offline, that they bring you along. I think it is still a bad idea to meet offline for children even if the parents are in attendance, but... that is for you to decide.

The internet is a great place, but there are dangers. Use common sense and you and your children will be safe.